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If these fools himself, but kept to titillate each other.Li Ran said: "What you? Robbery!"Guo twelve laughed: "Men's station on the left, woman stand on the right, androgynous stand in the middle! Robbed and surrender all the sacrifices, all the materials produced, each offering to surrender a treasure! "Li Ran can not help but laugh, Guo twelve began Funny it.Offerings cool frantically shouted: "I am with you to fight ...... fight ...... uh ...... I ...... you, you ...... you ...... outrageous!"

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Gucci bags outlet then release the altar, said dismissively: "terrible things still have to choose their own!"Ming Li Ran cool one to see the altar, suddenly not a temper. Beyond nine altars, altar even come back a few eight-employed, up the other side will be shot dead, which is too strong. His mind illegal channels: Ancient miluo family really perverted, hidden in the ranks of such a black-hearted guy, deliberately deceptive.Gu Ming family ancestors originally very excited, thinking this can get some compensation, but the other side is a soft persimmon, like how to squeeze on how pinched, did not expect the other party is not only very powerful, but that does absolutely overwhelming powerful, the other is not any punches either, but hard rock, but this side of yourself is a ripe rotten about any punches.

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Handsome old man stuck half of the body from the altar and said: "learn to point, this is despicable ......"Lee then suddenly I turned around, scared handsome old man "shop" to look shrink back. Guo twelve lost smiles: "handsome old man, you say I'm fine, Li Ran brother you say?"Until Li Ran no longer ignore, handsome old man only has cropped up, he rubbed one does not exist.

So see Wu Jun , Gucci indifferent smile should be faster !Gucci said sure, let Wu Jun can not believe , you can either send the court officials , Gucci how could you know?Wu Jun hearts puzzled , Gucci can not explain it , because it is a historical thing Gucci for Wu Jun is not.

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